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Astrology today presents us with a very different view of the sky from the ancient view. There is no longer any question of Earth and Sky dualism since we know today that the Earth is only a planet within the solar system, which is itself only a small entity in a set of stars, the Milky Way, which itself is just a galaxy in the middle of a vast expanding universe.

Astronomy observes the planets, calculates their orbits, determines their dimensions and their place in our solar system, while Astrology deals with the influence that each star exerts on the Earth and on everything that lives on it, everything particularly on humans.

Astrology of the planets

Each planet has its own astronomical physiognomy and its own astrological nature. There are no two planets with the same volume or the same astronomical characteristics, just as no two stars have the same influence on us. For example, astrologically Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. However, its orbit around the Sun almost describes a perfect circle. Mercury in Astrology speaks of intelligence, adaptability but also cunning, and Astronomy tells us that this is the planet with the most irregular movement.

The solar signature

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Our galaxy is small compared to the cosmos, yet we can follow the planets in our solar system with the naked eye as they move along the zodiacal band. The Earth revolves around the Sun in a year of three hundred and sixty-five days. Seen from Earth, the Sun rises and sets.
There are twelve signs of the Zodiac and the Sun takes about a month to travel through each of them in relation to the Earth. Being of the sign of Aries means that at the time of birth the Sun was in this sign, so it is a solar signature. The Ascendant, on the other hand, is the sign of the Zodiac that rises on the horizon (in the east) at the moment of birth.
So anyone born at dawn, as the Sun rises, will have the same ascendant as their sun sign. Astrology tends to relate human life to the factors represented by the symbols of our solar system.

A little of Astrology history

A little history As Alexander Ruperti and Ivan Othenin-Girard write in La Symphonie du Ciel: “Astrology has been known and practiced since ancient times. It has ruled the life of peoples and civilizations for millennia. At the dawn of humanity, the experience of heaven was certainly one of the fundamental difference between, on the one hand, the apparent order in the sky and, on the other hand, the chaos and dangers of life on earth.
In the sky, there were the stars that did not change position and other points of light that did. Observations over a long period of time revealed that these movements were cyclical and therefore predictable, and thus contrasted with the unpredictability of earthly experiences. In other words, one of the most fundamental experiences of man has been this contrast, this essential dualism between two worlds of existence.
One can even say that this experience was so intense that it became the very basis of all transcendent human thought. This is the reason for the universal classification between divine and earthly, the world above and the world below. It explains the innate desire in man to reach a spiritual state, a transcendence.
It is important to realize that at that time there was still no equivalence between what we call the macrocosm and the microcosm. Heaven, which is above, was a realm where power existed and from which that power was released on Earth. The Earth below was the realm where attempts were made, without always being successful, to adapt life to the rhythms of the celestial powers which were believed to be responsible for everything that happened on Earth.
This conception lasted until the time when the concept of geocentricity emerged, some centuries before Jesus Christ. But it was only from the beginning of the Renaissance (15th century) that we began to conceive of man as the microcosm, instead of the Earth. Microcosm within the macrocosm, the human being is a shrinking zodiac, carrying the potentialities of the twelve signs. When we talk about the Zodiac, we are talking about a symbolic representation of the Earth’s orbit, the “aura” of the Earth. The signs are twelve categories of human qualities, just as the ten planets are ten basic functions, available to every human being.
Our task is to consciously and individually use signs and planets. Considered as basic functions, the first seven functions (from the Sun to Saturn included) are inherent in any form of organization, be it an atom, a cell, a company or a nation. They represent its basic structure. The birth chart can thus give information about what is possible for the organized system studied.
Astrology also studies three other functions (related to the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Each system, defined at the level of the first seven functions, has the capacity to effect a mutation in a larger collective system. Man in particular has the capacity to transform. We know since Einstein that the universe is not made up of countless discrete objects, but of a network between force fields.
The substrate of the material universe is energy. But in the 1930s, scientists claimed that there was no possible relationship between the state of the solar system and humanity because the solar system represented a “different order of reality” than that of humans. Today this argument no longer holds since we finally recognize that energy is ONE, only the forms differ. Therefore, this organic whole which is the human person does not differ essentially from the infinitely larger organized Whole that we call the universe. It constitutes a particular aspect of the universal Whole.
Nowadays, science has taken the place of Astrology as a means of bringing order to our existences on a physical level. But while science can classify and recognize every element that makes up our earthly nature, it cannot psychologically and spiritually determine the individual sky like astrology. This is why Astrology can be so important to modern man because it reveals to each the pattern of ordered development of his personality, how to use his earthly nature to reveal the purpose of his celestial nature.


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