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Love spells and rituals. The extraordinary fusion of twin flames
Being able to merge with your twin flame is a gift from heaven, everything is perfectly orchestrated by it.

The reunion of the twin flames after the separation stage is called fusion. Until now few people could claim to be able to experience fusion in matter.

Today we are higher and higher on the spiritual level. This is why the pairs of twin flames that merge will be more and more numerous.

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Twin flames: reunion Just being able to conceive of unconditional love speaks volumes about the possibilities of reuniting with your twin soul. Each twin flame asks “am I going to merge with my other”? The answer is yes. Do you really believe that the source would reconnect you with your twin soul, so as not to offer you the possibility of merging afterwards? That is, however, it is up to everyone to do the awakening work necessary for this merger. This means that you have to learn to balance your feminine and your masculine, return to yourself, learn to love yourself, find unity with yourself … This journey is difficult, but it is nevertheless essential to your reunion. Know that if you get stuck in your mind, in your ego, you will not be able to merge with your twin in any way.
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Twin flames: awareness

Even so, it is important not to rule out the “possibility” that the fusion with your twin flame may not happen in this lifetime. Indeed it will depend on the level of awakening of each one, on the work of purification, on the fact of being able to free oneself from all the wounds that one may have.

To be able to merge the two twin souls must be able to evolve on the same vibratory level. And it often happens that one of the twin souls is not ready, and gets stuck in its path to the other.

The masculine is usually the one who is not ready, the one called “the unawakened flame”. The awakening time can be very long for the twin who is not ready. He will not always rationally understand the bond between him and his other, and will reject it.

He will then have to live his own experiences, at his own pace, in order to learn and understand the essence of this extraordinary love. This is what will enable him to be able to ascend spiritually.

Despite the difficulty, it is necessary to respect your twin’s journey, because even if their spirit is not ready, their soul knows who you are.

Namely, that in a pair of twin flames, everything one sees serves the other. The work of purification evolves the bond of the Twin Flames to union and fusion.

Twin flame pairs are able to propel themselves very high in consciousness when aligned with their souls.

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Twin flames: the extraordinary fusion, the end of the course

The reunion was planned by divine will between the twin souls long before their incarnations. And this, for a specific purpose, that of conveying and sharing unconditional love to the world.

If you are there, it is also thanks to the spiritual work done by you and your twin. Your faith in this divine love has enabled you to be able to find yourself and merge.

Twin souls reunite for good, once they are able to love each other unconditionally. That is, loving yourself without any expectations, and without any judgment.

Being able to merge with your twin soul is an experience as strong as it is extraordinary.

You experience a feeling of wholeness, love and well-being that is second to none. Together you are animated with a new force. The more time you spend with your partner, the more intense and deep your exchanges will be.

Now reunited, you will be able to awaken to a higher spirituality, to transmit much higher energies. You will help raise awareness and achieve your common mission, that of serving humanity.

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