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It is normal to wish to address you to the best clairvoyant of UK and London and in particular to the one that you will choose (or that you have already chosen) for your (or your) consultation (s) Indeed, it is legitimate to seek to consult a very good clairvoyant rather than a mediocre practitioner …

How to qualify the best clairvoyant term ?

It is not easy to qualify certain clairvoyant as “better” and that, by the very essence of clairvoyance, which – I have always said and written it – is neither a method nor a practice that can be used. ‘learning, but a phenomenon in its own right.

In this article, I am referring to real clairvoyants offering quality clairvoyance by telephone or in the enclosure of a clairvoyance cabinet, not to traders who do not have particular provisions for P.E.S. (Extra Sensory Perceptions) and simply making “money” with pseudo clairvoyance audiotel, by email, by sms or to practitioners of the divinatory arts (tarologists, fortune-tellers, etc.) who say – for some of them – clairvoyants , twisted.

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Clairvoyance Phenomen

Clairvoyance is a VERY particular phenomenon. By virtue of its characteristics, its “production” is inconstant. Knowing this, it is easy to admit that the quantity of information perceived by a clairvoyant can be the subject of more or less pronounced variations from one consultation to another, even from one moment to another during the course. of an interview. As for the quality of perceptions, I will probably come back to this in a later article to avoid complicating my comments.

Who is the best clairvoyant?

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In UK, as elsewhere, on what principle of selection can we refer to distinguish one clairvoyant from another, to make a judgment, an estimate and thus affirm that a true seer is better than another? … This is not a clairvoyant guide claiming to offer a selection of the best clairvoyants who will tell!
The identification and classification criteria should be measurable, a statistical approach would obviously be ideal for this. However, it would be difficult to implement it. Indeed, this would suppose to collect lists of results obtained by each practitioner and to compare them with each other. The approach which – in my opinion – would be the most serious would therefore prove difficult to apply in reality. Apart from measurable qualitative criteria – and therefore totally objective – there isn’t much left in the end, except … your own opinion, possibly forged by reading the testimonies of other people or the stories of journalists.
On the other hand, outside the – necessarily restricted – circle of authentic clairvoyants, the best clairvoyant are those who are … quite simply … clairvoyant! May this subtle evidence feed your thinking.
“Clairvoyant? … There are so many that you don’t know which one to choose! “I have heard this statement sometimes and it has caught my full attention as it is true that it is always extremely difficult to make a choice when you do not have all the necessary elements (knowledge) to do so. What is interesting about this “case” is the idea of ​​profusion …

Who are the best clairvoyant ?

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By thousands
If by “Clairvoyants” we mean all practitioners of the divinatory arts, then … in this case, yes, they abound! They are absolutely everywhere: in “clairvoyance societies”, “clairvoyance salons”, dedicated “parties” or even in consulting rooms and do not hesitate to “appear” in television advertisements. , in the press or on the web… It is now almost impossible to escape it. Yes, but…

By hundreds
You must absolutely understand and assimilate an essential element: “clairvoyant” is not a function, a profession or a “catch-all” qualifier
Once this understanding has been acquired, it will seem obvious to you that the “clairvoyant” are only a few hundred. Exit therefore tarologists, fortune-tellers, practitioners of all possible and imaginable mancies and astrologers (take care not to amalgamate astrologers with practitioners of the divinatory arts) 

By tens
Was your grandmother extremely intuitive? Did your grandfather have premonitory dreams? Your aunt, although not schizophrenic, said she heard voices? Many people (very many!) Reporting this type of testimony and among those living these experiences, a certain number settle (professionally or not) as “clairvoyant” or “best clairvoyant” Whether this is accompanied by a learning a cartomancie or simply by showing a certain intuitive sense (often both at the same time), they refer to themselves as being (wrongly!) “clairvoyant”

Rare authentic clairvoyant

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True, best clairvoyant (and psychics) have nothing in common with all of this and once mythomaniacs and schizophrenics are ousted, there is little left but practitioners of the divinatory arts and astrologers as genuine practitioners. (exercising with more or less talent) even if… they are not sighted. Indeed, clairvoyance is a very particular phenomenon. I don’t know whether to call it a sixth sense, but I sure know what it isn’t.

The best clairvoyants London (UK and worldwide) are – de facto – rare and absolutely cannot be “accommodated” in any classification set up by an entity that does not know – necessarily – nothing. Such a classification discredits the very source of it (which is said – curiously – often a benchmark in the matter). Great clairvoyants will remain so throughout their lives, as long as they remain what they are. True, best clairvoyant (and psychics) have nothing in common with all of this and once mythomaniacs and schizophrenics are ousted, there is little left but practitioners of the divinatory arts and astrologers as genuine practitioners. (exercising with more or less talent) even if… they are not sighted.

An official guide to the best clairvoyant in London, UK, Europe and the world?
“… Elected best clairvoyants among the best clairvoyant of UK and Europe following the internet vote of thousands of people”: reading this “snatches” the crystalline eyes doesn’t it?… This is the type of annotation affixed to the websites of certain practitioners. This is not to judge these, but to simply say that the real value of this is non-existent.
I think you must have assimilated by this point of reading some concepts that will help you truly understand what to think about and give credit to psychic guides. However, it should be noted that some authors of these totally false selections use and abuse the ambiguity of the meaning given to the term “official” so emphasized …  In this sense, that nothing is recognized, by any authority, and for a simple reason: such an entity does not exist! 

Sekou, voted the best clairvoyant in London and UK following the internet vote of thousands of people. This election was organized from Benin by the most important clairvoyance magazine in Benin and by the Benin Federation of clairvoyance. “: It” throws “is not it?

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